Bill Dwyer: Too bad our taxes don't go down instead of up

To the editor:

I saw in today's paper where the school "found" about $800,000 in their budget.

I would like to know how somebody "finds" $800,000. It makes me wonder who is doing these budgets to begin with.

Maybe our taxes should have gone down instead of raising them by 52 cents. Fifty-two cents doesn't seem like much but on a $100,000 home that's about 50 more bucks every six months.

I understand that the track needed refurbishing but to sneak it in the backdoor has to raise some questions and maybe we could have tried to get a grant (we seem to be good at that).

On a side note, I was looking on Google Earth the other day and noticed that the railroad spur that runs through Berlin on High Street, Pleasant Street, Main Street and Willard Street isn't even connected to the main railroad tracks that go through town. Makes me wonder why they're even still here.

Just think how much fuel is wasted by service trucks that have to stop at each track.Too bad we can't find an engineer that can work on removing them.

Finally, again too bad our taxes don't go down instead of constantly rising.

Bill Dwyer