John A. Sullivan:

To the editor:

Robert Kruszyna’s treasonous letter influences people unfamiliar with history and predisposed to believe that President Donald Trump is like Hitler. In 1965, Americans felt sorrow for the Kennedy family after JFK was assassinated; going along with Ted Kennedy’s changes to the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Regulations favoring white immigration from Europe ended. Critics were assured continued white majority, despite arriving masses of African, Latino and Asian — and more recently Middle Eastern (Islamic) — immigrants.

Failed states of California and Europe show the impact of open borders. White Californians are a minority in their state. White male reverse discrimination is common, as are  white underemployment, minority hiring/contractor preferences, minority college quotas; and bi-lingual language requirements for local and state government jobs like teaching.

Mr. Kruszyna may hop in his car to help fellow travelers in Vermont, now freely drive illegal Latino immigrants to substandard housing; appeal to Vermont farmers plus slum lords' greed. Farm laborers next organize a union, for better wages and living conditions. White kids/teens traditionally working these jobs won’t qualify or be old enough to join this “union.” Their former opportunities for jobs, experience and work-ethic development will end.

Latinos and multiple-wife Muslims' proclivity isn’t creation but “procreation” — equals four to eight kids per family. These bring new welfare rolls, subsidized housing laws, bi-lingual education, and doubtlessly a N.H. State Income Tax to support it. Their population will cause water resource diversions to serve them. New Englanders’ traditional access to outdoor recreation will steadily decrease and grow expensive because of immigrant urban development.

The Preamble of our Constitution says, “To ourselves and our Posterity,” not the worlds’. Trump is rightly (pardon the pun) correcting a 52-year-old left-wing immigration policy, which both parties refused to address.

John A. Sullivan