Dawn Tupick: Property taxes are too high

To the editor:

Yes! Property taxes are too high.

What to do? Unite against the ever demanding raidson our pocketbooks. Will uniting aid and abet the struggling home owners of Berlin? No!

Until homeowners find them selves a leader who is not afraid of the unions and Democrat money mongrels, sadly, the answer is no.

A number of years ago, there was a Berlin Tax Payers association. We fought long and hard with the chiefs who wanted their union power, men whom I say today caused many a homeowner to throw in the towel.

Just drive up on the avenues and look at the once beautiful homes turned into slums by the prison Industry.

No taxes there.

Fighting property taxes is a very complicated issue. When the corporations hold back on their taxes, filing for a new assessment adds the missing tax money onto who?

Bringing in what has been called new industry, tax-free for five years on what you and I are paying to maintain Berlin, is totally unfair and borderline dishonest.

A few years ago, people were selling their furniture, room by room, to pay property taxes, Others were buying animal food for animals they did not have. I was told by one person dog food made good hash.

Our tax rolls can be mended. I can find no reason to increase our taxes by $100. The question is, who is willing to step up and fight to save their home. Will we the new slums of Berlin?

Dawn Tupick