George Dunham: Embrace the local resources

To the editor:

Hey Berliners!

Where were you when your cultural gem, built by your forefathers as a place for you to experience joy, exultation, and peace, St. Kieran's, teamed up with the young master organist, Katelyn Emerson to give a quarter-filled chapel a stunning concert. Why weren't you beating down the doors to get in?

Was it too classical for you? Much of it was religiously inspired. Other pieces were the products of composer's musical play. Too modern? The single performed work, composed before my eight decades began, is a homage to a precursor and teacher of Bach. Too old? These composers knew grief, the devastation of wars, and social disintegration in response to technological change. Too many other priorities? Watching TV for the next bloody shoe to drop in some town like our own? Or the next pseudo-drama in our polarized political discourse? Turn off the TV. Need to address the opioid abuse crisis in home or neighborhood? Take your brother or sister along with you to the next organ performance at St. K's.

You could travel to New York or Paris looking unsuccessfully for a better performer or church organ.

Embrace the local resources where you excel!

George Dunham