Donald Enman: Blessings from the class of 1937

To the editor:

As we approach the new school year, kids look forward to new experiences and parents do, too, maybe with a sigh of relief. Many, if not most of us, look back to school days with fond memories. June 2017 marked the 80th anniversary of the class of '37 at Berlin High School of which I happened to be a member. Only 4 percent of the population reach the age of 90 and when you get to the mid 90s the rate goes down. know of only two classmates that are "ondeck": Adeline and Emma. Since 1937, the great depression was at its height, then wars, great strides in transportation, technologyspace travel, medicine. I remember the old school song:

In Berlin the sunshineis brighter,

In Berlin the skies are blue,

In Berlin the hearts are the lightest,

In Berlin the hearts are true,

Our schoolon the hilisidestanding,

Will lead us in paths of truth.

A service from us demanding,

Inspiringthe best in youth.


In Berlin, in Berlin,

You find it a steadfast rule,

That man & maid of highestgrade,

Are loyal to their school.

In Berlin, in Berlin,

We raise our banner to the sky,

That all our days unite in praise

Of Berlin, Berlin High.

Happiness, Truth, Hope and Loyalty are four mighty emotions worthy of celebration. The class of '17 will note its 80th in 2097. God Bless them, the class of '37, Berlin High and the United States of America.

Donald Enman