Ann McGarity: What exactly is the purpose of Blue Loon?


To the editor:

Finding myself temporarily incapacitated   after an accident and in need of transportation to Memorial  Hospital,  I first called Tamworth Caregivers. They were unable to help, owing to a shortage of drivers and my late request,  so I got in touch with the Blue Loon.

The first number I called offered a long list of phone extensions and did not even provide an opportunity to leave a message.

Then I struck pay dirt, or so I thought. A pleasant young lady took down my information and confirmed pickup for a 1 p.m. appointment. As it turned out, Thursday is the one day  I could receive service from Tamworth to North Conway.  

I was extremely grateful, and a little surprised because all my encounters with this bus service had previously been negative and got me nowhere except into a state of frustration. Every encounter was a crapshoot, with an uncertain outcome.

I was excited to find that I would be picked up and whisked to the hospital on time, and I didn’t have to worry about missing my appointment.

My euphoria was short-lived because about 15 minutes later the same young lady called and sweetly informed me that they couldn’t take me to the hospital after all because of a “supervisor’s decision.”

At least they let me know quickly.

I am wondering exactly what the purpose of the Blue Loon service is. If it is to assist non-drivers like me  to keep medical and other appointments, they are  clearly not fulfilling their mission.  As a recently widowed, temporary non driver, the most frustrating and stressful issue I have faced is being unable to make arrangements for transportation, after failure to find a relative or friend to help out.

I respectfully ask whoever runs the Blue Loon service to let me know what I can do to avoid a repetition.

The happy conclusion to this saga is that after posting my dilemma on The Tamworth Exchange message board, I did get several offers of rides.

People are very kind.

Ann McGarity