Rich Collins: Protect forest and say no to Northern Pass

To the editor:

Outside interests — particularly from corporations — are influencing local policies, something that must stop. The citizens run this great country, not those seeking profit.

We have a gem in the state of New Hampshire, the White Mountain National Forest — one of the most visited recreation areas, period. It is loved because it is beautiful and provides easy access to wilderness. I need not go on; Instagram can show you the way.

There is no benefit to putting power lines through it. I am opposed to the idea because it makes no sense. There are no economic benefits outside of short-term jobs to build it, and there is no “clean” energy for us, it all goes South. Large, ridiculously profitable utility companies, including Hydro-Quebec and Eversource, stand to make billions from this project. Conservation organizations in the state are opposed to the project and for a good reason: the destruction of our magnificent landscape will not be salvageable. We ravaged these vast forests in the name of personal profit once, let’s not do it again.

Eversource has not been forthcoming with information, including the project cost and cost to customers. The actual cost details of the project remain “confidential” — if they want access to our public land, they must hold to standards of full disclosure.

So, smarten up, New Hampshire, Let’s protect America, not ravage it to fill someone else’s pockets. Let’s Live Free or Die — without corporate bullying.

No Northern Pass.

Rich Collins