Della Cartier: We must work to become an exceptional Godly person

To the editor: 
Response to Frank LaFerriere:
I found myself saddened by a recent letter written by Frank LaFerriere and couldn't help but wonder: What ghosts are walking in his shadow? What is the cause of the meanness in his heart? Why the abject bitterness that serves no good or purpose directed.
Mr. LaFerriere, I do not live in a Republican Twilight Zone, nor do the people I know. We share common concerns and worry about the future of our country and world for our children and grandchildren. We are living in a dangerous and insane world. A world where good and godly menwomen and children are murdered and run down by evil Islamic terrorists in the name of Allah. A world where people are homeless, hungry and can't afford life-saving medical care. A flawed and failed educational system that has no respect for family values and morals. A society where no one has been untouched by the loss of loved ones from the drug and opiate crisis. We are living in a world of self-absorbed madness and shallow and nihilistic people. Crazy dictators with fingers on nuclear weapons waiting to start the third world war. It is an American divide that keeps getting wider when individuals such as yourself spew the hatefulness aimed at your neighbors and fellow citizens.
I chose not to point to paragraphs full of misinformation, accusations, mean rhetoric and the useless opinions that are none of my business. It would be a waste of my valuable time. Time better spent praying that God grant wisdom to our leaders to keep us safe in an unsafe and uncertain world. Time better spent to do good deeds for those less fortunate. Time to pray for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma who need our heartfelt prayers and help.The untold stories of heroism that we will never hear about as the media gasps and gapes at the ridiculous and vile antics of hollow college snowflakes demanding that historic statues be torn down and destroyed and that conservative values and morals be trampled on.
We like to think that in this day and age of the Internet, 24-hour television news, and other social media communications that we know everything that is happening in the world minute-by-minute. That everyone is an "expert" on the current crisis. We worry and concern ourselves with it when the time could be given to our spouses, children and neighbors. We do not unplug from the noise and never-ending opinions of the so-called experts. Then we argue. It never ceases. We argue with our spouseschildren, family members, friends and even people we do not know. However, the real truth is that we — none of us — are experts, and little is in our sphere of influence or control. Opinions are nobody's business, yet we continue to allow them to harm our relationships and alienate us from doing the better good.
I look around and see the good and loving deeds fulfilled with virtue and valor by neighbors and fellow countrymen for those less fortunate. If we cannot be decent as a collective society, then we must be decent individually.
If our country is to survive as an exceptional nation, then each and every one of us must work to become an exceptional Godly person. Love him or hate him, our President needs all of our collective support. Instead of useless ranting, practice the tenants of Hope, Faith and Charity. The world and our country needs this now, and our only chance is to become it if we are to survive. 
Della Cartier