Frank LaFerriere: What makes Chrisitan theocracy better than Muslim one?

To the editor,

So Della, mimicking Donald Trump's fake news lies, eh? Well, Della, all of my information I wrote about in my last letter is not fake news. I got my information by watching Trump's interviews and his recorded and videoed words. I got my info from my research of all the cases brought against Trump by the N.Y. Attorney General's office, as well as the U.S. Attorney General's case files on him. I got my info from the Mueller investigation and the new investigation started by the N.Y. Attorney General's office against Trump. You can all call this fake news, but that again means you are in fact living in the Twilight Zone.

So, you talk about Christian morals? I guess my morals are much higher than Christian ones then.

See, my morals will not allow me to support and defend treason against the United States perpetrated by President Trump and the Republicans. But I guess yours and your fellow defenders of Trump do.

They will not allow me to support a person who thinks, because he is rich, he has a right to sexually assault any woman he comes upon. My mother taught me to respect women, and she would roll over in her grave and come back and slap me in the face if I supported Trump and his outrageous misogyny against women.

My morals will not allow me to support a person who has surrounded himself with admitted racists, bigots and white supremacists like Stephen Bannon. Or neo-Nazis. See Della, we fought Hitler and his Nazi Positive Christianity movement as he called it, and millions died in his death camps and real brave men and women gave up their lives fighting this evil during World War II. To support Trump and his neo-Nazis would be a slap in the face to each and every brave man and woman who died fighting the Nazis and all those who died in his death camps.

You talk about the innocent Christians who are being killed by Islamists? I have studied the true history of your religion for almost 40 years now — the history that Christians love to either deny or minimize, or justify or lie about. Christianity, in my opinion, is no better than the Muslim religion, and I thoroughly condemn them both. Crusades, Inquisitions, genocides of pagans and Native Americans, and yes, Muslims. Torture tools used by Catholic and Protestant Christians against their fellow human beings. What about modern times? In the last five years in the United States alone, Christians have murdered hundreds of LBGTs, atheists and pagans. In Nigeria and Uganda? Christians there are butchering LGBTs, atheists and those whom they proclaim as witches. Christians committed unwarranted genocides in such countries as Bosnia, Rwanda, Croatia and other countries.

Christians love to persecute others under their moral code of the Christian religion, yet when anyone dares stand up to their crap? Why they cry how we are persecuting them. Funny, the persecutors crying persecution because we will not allow them to bring back their Dark Ages theocratic nightmares of death and brutality, because we will not allow them to turn our secular government and destroy the separation of church and state and put their theocratic government in place. Christians scream against Muslims installing Sharia law here, but have got no problem with installing their version of Christian Sharia law in the United States. What makes Chrisitans any different than Muslims who wish to do this? There is no difference, they are both the same. I know how you Christians do not like the truth or the facts, but too bad, so sad, because I will never stop speaking the truth or the facts about your religion or the Muslim religion.

In closing, Della, my morals are in fact, much higher than those of Christians, Trump or Republicans. My morality means I must fight this, tooth and nail, exposing it and standing up to it.

Yes Della, you and your fellow Republicans and Christians do in fact, live in the Twilight Zone if you think I or people like me — who are the true patriots and fight to keep the words of the Founding Fathers, of freedom and justice for all, of equal rights for all, of each and every person's right to their own pursuit of happiness — are going to lay down for Christians or Muslims. We will not allow the separation of church and state rules of the Founding Fathers to be violated any longer by Christians either.

Yes, Della, my morals seem to be way much higher than yours and your fellow Republicans and Christians, who absolutely do love living in the Twilight Zone of denial and ignorance.

Frank LaFerriere