Diane Taupier: Sharing a vision of hell and angels

To the editor:

Hello to everyone. I would like to thank one person who made a comment to me that she was glad to read one of my letters, and another woman who recently told me that she likes my letters, and several others who have made positive comments. It means a lot to me when I hear from someone who acknowledges in a positive way the letters that I submit. Thank you so much to these individuals and to the The Berlin Sun for printing my articles.

I recently came across more videos on Facebook of a spiritual nature, and listened to a few. One video was about a pretty young girl from Ecuador. I will share her story. Two angels with gold feathers came to her door and told her to prepare to die that day at 4 p.m. She was to learn what heaven and hell are like. She certainly did not want to die, but pain came into her body and sleepiness as she did die at 4 p.m. 

Jesus, Jehovah appeared to her wearing gold sandals. He was more beautiful than the angels. He wanted to show her Hell because people think that this place is a joke. She tried her very best, over and over again, to talk her way out of it. He insisted and assured her that He would be with her. Humanity is being lost, he cried. And so they descended to a place with high temperatures, bad odor, down to the abyss, where there were flames, demons and tormented souls. They went to a cell where a man once served God, but then he decided to take up alcohol. He asked to be forgiven, and Jehovah said it was too late. She saw a family member there because she would not forgive, and did not repent. Once in hell it is too late to repent and ask for forgiveness. This young girl would call Jehovah, Lord Lord, and He would call her Daughter. He said, Daughter tell humanity that I love them and to come back to me. 

Then they ascended to The Kingdom of God, to a city of gold, with a gold bridge, prepared for His people. A table was set with plates, golden cups and wine. She saw the Prophet David, Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, and they all looked young as if they were 18 years old. Absolutely no one can allow anyone to enter Heaven but Jesus. He is coming for people who are prepared (the second coming) not for those who are lost. They will be left behind. She saw his scars on his hands and feet which will not be healed until all His people are gathered in Heaven. He sent her back to earth to tell humanity what she experienced. 

I am sharing this because I would not want anyone to go to this awful place. Maybe I can prevent someone from going there with this letter. I have recently seen an angel, no kidding. I have never seen an angel before in my whole life. I saw one that was 100 feet tall. The angel was a he, and he was beautiful beyond words. He had a submissive countenance to The Master.

Diane Taupier