Old Ideas Not Working Out

To the editor:

As you all know, the upcoming election will determine if our city council and mayor will remain the same or if we will elect some new blood to try to change the way things are going in our community.

I would first like to remind everyone that our current mayor and council are not particularly veteran friendly. You might recall that some time ago, I informed you that my attempt to include all veterans in the Veteran Tax Deferment and to increase the deferment to an amount that reflects the majority of communities in New Hampshire fell on deaf ears. Our mayor was not interested in this proposal. He and most of the council are OK with excluding many veterans with a loophole related to date of service. I think most of our citizens agree that a veteran is a veteran, regardless of the dates he or she served. Also, our veterans deserve all the help we can give them since all were willing to pay the ultimate price to keep all of us free.

Next, I would like to remind you that we no longer have a visiting nurse department at city hall. Our mayor and most of the council felt that they were no longer cost effective even though the nurses did not cost the taxpayers anything for many years and were not going to cost much if only they got a little help from our city leaders. Our current leadership is considering heated streets, but we couldn't afford our nurses. I know that many of our citizens miss this valuable service that those dedicated and caring nurses used to provide.

Please get out and vote Nov. 7 and consider changing things up in Berlin. I think it's time for some new and fresh ideas in city hall. Take a little time to get to know who the candidates are. Maybe instead of voting on party lines, vote on who you think might have good ideas for our city. The old ideas aren't working out so great.

Bob Pelletier, LT/USN/Ret