Lee Wilder and Tina Cotton: Earth science program opportunities available to teachers


To the editor:

Hurricanes and storm surges, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, sinkholes and volcanic eruptions — even eclipses, solar flares and the resulting beautiful auroras — the daily news is dominated by these naturally occurring events, especially the catastrophic ones.

An understanding of the what, where and why of these natural phenomena comes from having an education in the field of the earth sciences.

The morning after one of these events, teachers have “a teachable moment.” Students are curious, wanting to understand these events making the news.

Educators need to have the willingness and depth of knowledge to be able to explain and answer student questions.

The events experienced in recent months underscore the importance of earth science topics in the teaching of well-informed students. We are all inhabitants of this small blue planet and understanding it will help prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s stewards.

The Geological Society of New Hampshire has two grant opportunities to support professional development and equipment for the classroom. Go to gsnh.org/lincoln-r-page-fund.html and gsnh.org/classroom-grant.html to find out more.

Lee Wilder, Hopkinton

Tina Cotton, Andover