Elizabeth Ruediger: Imagine a woman being in this situation

To the editor:

Can one imagine a backlash of women sexually harassing men?

Can one imagine men being offended by an unwanted kiss or a jiggle of the nether region with a slight of hand?

Can one imagine women deploying verbal assaults on male genitalia size and lack of coif as opposed to the constant barrage of comments women receive about breast and butt size and the sum of their outward appearance?

Can one imagine men being held back and looked over based on a analysis of hotness on a scale of one to 10?

Can one imagine the feeling of the hover or the lean-in that many women have felt in their daily professional lives?

Can one imagine women cruising the local shopping mall in an attempt to “cougar out” on underage men?

Can one imagine a woman offering a ride to a young man in an attempt to coax sexual activity while locking the car door as a method of entrapment?

Can one imagine a male inmate being assaulted by a female law enforcement officer while being transported between facilities?

Can one imagine female clergy taking advantage of the purest of relationships with a congregant?

Can one imagine a female practitioner fondling a male patient while sedated?

Can one imagine a woman writing a script in an attempt to steal a kiss from an unsuspecting male counterpart?

Can one imagine a woman being photographed making a funny gesture to grope a man’s genitals while he is asleep?

Can one imagine meeting a female power player in a hotel room and being presented with an open robe and a massage request?

Can one imagine an entertainment industry that sexualizes male actors in the same way the female form has been exposed and exploited (#free the c*ck)?

Can one imagine a world led by a woman who gropes her own son, speculates her ability to date him, enters dressing rooms of young, unsuspecting men for a quick peek and consistently berates men based on their looks?

And finally, can one imagine the first female president receiving oral gratification under her desk in the Oval Office? I think not.

Elizabeth Ruediger