Shawn Lettre: When are building permits needed?

To the editor:

I am asking the mayor, city council and city manager, to tell me why some people in the city of Berlin don't need a building permit.

The reason I ask is I am getting nowhere with our illustrious building inspector.

My neighbor has erected a garage and another carport on his property with no new construction permit. He did get a demolition permit to remove the old garage on his property. Myself and my folks were told that by the building inspector, and nothing was done about it.

He proceeded to rip the adjoining wall down, while my folks were in Florida for the winter, and put up a new one. I am guessing there was no permit on that either.

After he put the wall up he placed pieces if rebar on my property as if he had it surveyed, which should be done when you are putting a new structure like a garage  to make sure you are not building on someone else's property. But when he never got a permit none of that was checked.

Now his new garage over hangs over onto my property and it dumps all his snow and rain, making my back yard a mess in the winter, and when it rains, a swamp.

When my folks and I asked the building inspector to come out and look at this problem, he eyed the garage and said it looked close to our property but we would have to pay to have it surveyed to be sure.

Why should I have to pay when you’re not doing your job?

I have noticed that the chain link fence that is in between our properties and that has been there for 40-plus years has moved to gain more property for him after my folks had gone to Florida.

He is now putting a new roof on his house and I have not seen the construction permit that is supposed to be visible.

I hope that someone can get to the bottom of this soon because obviously the building inspector doesn't care. I can be reached at my cell number (603) 915-6032 or after 4 p.m. My home number is (603) 215-6679.

Shawn Lettre