Kelly Ross: Tribute to Reggie Marquis

To the editor:

It has been a month or so, and there is something I can’t shed. We all lose people. I get it. When family and best friends pass, it hurts. Every now and then though, a certain someone passes where your heart falls right to your feet. I have felt that weight on my feet a few times, but I must say, losing Reggie Marquis was one of those moments.

Reggie has a tremendous legacy in the North Country. A great athlete right to the end, a great coach to so many young men back in the day, a great teammate, a bitter opponent and one of the all-time best human beings I have ever known.

Reggie was about nine years older than me, and the best friend of my Uncle Rich, who was, and still is, the older brother I never had. When I was a kid, my Uncle Rich’s buddies became great friends of mine. I was Little League age, and these guys were just out of high school and treated me like their younger brother. There were many, but none like Reggie. He had the kindest soul, incredibly animated, and insanely funny.

As a kid, he was a hero of sorts. He always made a point of talking to me and asking of my interests, as he was truly interested. He wasn’t talking to me just to make believe he cared. He Truly Did! Reggie loved Berlin’s youth, and did whatever he could do to better the kids he had direct contact with. Reggie will always live strong in my heart for many reasons. As friendly as we were as adults, it is how he treated me as a kid that I will never forget.

Certain people stick with certain people. Reggie has always stuck with me like Velcro. Between the old days when I was a kid, the days once I grew up and I got to play softball with him and against him for a few years, and the chance meetings at BHS Tourney games on the road — which was often — seeing Reggie was always a cartoon moment. There was never a doubt. If you saw Reggie’s face, you were guaranteed at least one good belly laugh.

To Shawn and Kevin, a tremendous job with what you did with that beautiful tribute to your Dad at the get together at the T&C. The crowd there that day is a true indication as to how loved Reggie will always be.

Kelly Ross