Theodore Bosen: Deadline for health-care enrollment is Dec. 15

To the editor:

Need an affordable health care plan? You only have until Dec. 15 to sign up!

Congressman Annie McLane Kuster came to Berlin to speak at the annual Truman Dinner at the White Mountain Chalet recently and noted that Trump’s claims that the Affordable Care Act was imploding were complete lies. In New Hampshire, we even have more insurance company participation than we had last year. As a self-fulfilling prophecy, Trump is trying to thwart participation in the ACA by defunding its marketing and shortening its sign-up period.

The New Hampshire Democratic State Committee, partnering with non-profits like New Hampshire’s HNH Foundation, is fighting to counteract this scandalous attempt to deny New Hampshrie. families an affordable health care plan.

Posters are going up now all over the state to alert people who need a health plan that they must sign up now. Even if you are signed up but looking for a better deal, you must do so before Dec. 15.

Last year, eight in 10 applicants qualified for an affordable plan. Many paid as little as $50-$100 a month. There is still a minimum penalty of $695 for not having health insurance, and that is still in effect. Even if you have a plan, you should update your information, and you may possibly save even more. Visit or on the web, or call 1 (800) 318-2596. Or drop in at Coos Family Health for assistance.

Obamacare is NOT imploding. It is alive and well and already helping more people than last year, but time is running out if you are not enrolled, so don’t delay beyond Dec. 15!

Theodore Bosen


Berlin Democratic Committee