Greg Raymond: DMV's new computer system dropped records of paid fines

To the editor:

My name is Greg Raymond, and I live in Whitefield.

On Monday, Nov. 27, I was coming home from work at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel when I passed a Town of Carroll police cruiser.

The officer immediately hit his brakes and turned around to follow me. After about five miles of driving the officer put on his lights and pulled me over.

I asked him why he was stopping me, and he told me he would explain.

Apparently, I had been driving with a suspended license and registration since September. 

I had received a speeding ticket from the same department in June 2017, and paid the ticket on Aug. 14 with a $50 late fee, which I paid.

The officer arrested me and booked me for driving with a suspended license and registration. I called the state Department of Motor Vehicles the next morning and told them what had happened and that I have proof with a credit card statement that I had paid my fine.

The lady told me that the DMV had made a mistake, claiming that the DMV switched over to a new system in October, and somehow it did not log in my payment that was made in August. I was told that I was one of 55,000 cases in New Hampshire that this has happened to.

Anyone who has gotten a ticket before the switch over of systems (in October) should call and check with the DMV to make sure that they do not have a false suspension on their license or registration to save them from being arrested and extorted in the future.

Greg Raymond