Terri Cavallo: The people are the best part of living in the North Country

To the editor: 

I wanted to thank the two very special ladies that helped me Monday afternoon in Randolph. I came back from a great dog walk, put my dog in the car, along with my keys! These ladies and their four well-behaved dogs, where just going to start their walk, but they took the time to call AAA for me and wanted to wait until they arrived. I didn't want to keep them from their day, so they went on but left their car unlocked for me so he could stay warm! The best part of living in North Country? The people! 

Thank you again for your kindness and time! 

Terri Cavallo and "Rosie" 


Bill Dwyer: Time for an independent audit

I would have closed the library and kept the nurse

To the editor:

Well, this administration decided to close the city nurse but keep the library open. Easy to see where their feelings lie.

The city nurse was a benefit to the people of Berlin. People could go get their blood pressure checked, toe nails clipped and cholesterol checked for example for about $20.

Now, they will have to go to the emergency room or make other arrangements. And I hear that in their eagerness to close it down there was about $80,000 in outstanding billing. So, do they wait until it was all closed out? No. They hire a consulting company called Simione, so we now pay air fair, lodging, car rental, and wages to do what a $13/hour local hire was doing. But we've got a library.

And I also hear that there was a $60,000 slush fund. I wonder what happened to that? Maybe we can use that for the skate park. Remember the skate park? Or it should have been used for the disenfranchised population of the city while the city nurse was open. But now it goes into the black hole? If it was up to me, I would have closed the library and kept the nurse, but that's just me. Time for an independent audit, and time for a change.

Bill Dwyer

Dawn Tupick: Oil bills are not getting paid

To the editor:

Were you a recipient of a letter from Tri-County Community Action Program that your fuel this winter would be paid for? Have you been receiving bills for the fuel companies for fuel you ordered in December? People your bills as of the beginning of March have not been paid!

Here we are going into April at the end of the line, and our supply of saved oil in our tanks is waiting for a refill.

Do not panic. This matter has been brought to the attention of the proper people in Concord. Your oil will be paid for. Please call this number in Concord (603) 271-8317 ask if your oil has been paid for. It is important you do this.

Why isn’t our oil paid for? Unfortunately a number of people received a double fill and our first fill was set aside (I will not comment on this situation). I am also aware this problem is not just Berlins’ problem; it has affected our neighbors around the area also. Take care; your oil will now be paid for.

Dawn Tupick

Bill Dwyer: We need to reevaluate where our money is going

To the editor:
I had to laugh when I read the recent article in the paper. If someone is spending so much time at the library one has to wonder why? For a city that is constantly raising taxes maybe it's time we reevaluate our priorities and the use of the library is a good place to start. I as a taxpayer, I used to use the library but with the invention of a new thing called the internet I must admit I haven't been there in years. But maybe it is time to consider cutting back on hours instead of raising our taxes. Gone are the years of being able to give out big contracts. I think it's time we have an independent audit done so we know where our money is going. I think it's outrageous that we pay an employee to commute to work from York Pond Road. And I hear rumors about some outrageous retirement packages we are paying for. Instead of constantly raising our taxes, I think it is time we re-evaluate where our money is going. Time for a change.

Bill Dwyer

Frank J. LaFerriere: Public libraries are a very valuable asset

To the editor:

I take offense at Mr. Mattos words that hardly anyone uses the library. I am a library user. At times, I will be there every day of the week. Sometimes, two or three times a week. And with my own eyes, I see many people using the library.

I've seen Poof Tardiff using it for his research on the history of Berlin. I see many others, myself included using it for research of various topics that interest us and we want to learn more about. I see many people using the computers. I see many people taking out books and videos.

Berlin Public Library is a great asset to our community. The librarians are second to none. They bend over backwards trying to help you locate a book, or a video, or the information you are seeking. They work hard to obtain books through the inter-library loan system that are not available at the library. You will find no group of people more dedicated to their jobs than the librarians at our local libraries. They earn every dime of their pay. In my mind, they should be paid more, not less.

The children's section is outstanding and I have seen lots of parents bringing in their children to instill in them the joy of reading and learning. Many programs are offered to help further children's educations on various things, including the arts and sciences. Story reading programs are done for the children on a regular basis.

I personally wish the library was open more, not less as you demand. Matter of fact? It should be open on Saturdays.

Maybe Mr Mattos, the problem is with you, not the library. Maybe you ought to think before you speak or write on something you seem to have absolutely no clue about. Maybe you ought to come to the library on a daily basis. Spend some time there. Then maybe instead of saying hardly anyone uses it, you would then be able to speak with truth, that the Berlin Public Library is in fact, one of the greatest assets the City of Berlin has to offer its citizens and that many people use it.

Frank LaFerriere