Bo Delaney: Time to hurt the animals

To the editor:

As he was signing edicts hurting one group after another over the past two weeks, it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump got around
to hurting animals — already the most oppressed sentient beings on earth.

The animals' turn came yesterday — by taking down the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) site that reports on government
regulation of roughly 9,000 animal handling facilities. These are laboratories, dog breeders, fur farms, circuses, zoos, and aquariums.

The site is used every day by animal protection activists to monitor government enforcement of the 1966 Animal Welfare Act, the only effective federal law protecting animals.

Taking down the APHIS inspection site is a huge setback for animal protection. It will almost certainly lead to reduced government
inspection of animal facilities and more animal suffering - a virtual repeal of the Animal Welfare Act.

Ironically, this oppressive act was launched by the same dark-of-night process as that of pulling more than 100,000 visas from thoroughly
vetted Muslim immigrants one week earlier - no notice, no hearings, no due process, no public announcement.

The oppressive mindset doesn't really care who the victims are. Hopefully, the courts will.

Bo Delaney


Rosella Fletcher: What is true love?

To the editor: 

What is true love? 

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love is forgiving 

Love is faithful 

Love is helpful

Love promotes peace

Love doesn't envy

Love doesn't boast

Love isn't proud

Love isn't a know all 

Love thinks no evil

Everybody thinks no evil 

Everyone needs true love 

God is love and desires us to love Him, 

And one another love as ourselves 

Rosella Fletcher, 


Thomas Meredith: Trump’s actions do not benefit ordinary Americans

To the editor:

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump railed against Wall Street and claimed to be the champion of regular working class citizens.

The Tea Party started partly in reaction to the Wall Street bailouts after the 2008 financial collapse.

Now that Mr. Trump is president, who has he chosen for his economic advisers and many of his cabinet positions? Many former Goldman Sachs executives, Wall Street Bankers and billionaires.

Last week, after a White House meeting with executives from Wall Street, Mr. Trump issued a memorandum to the Labor Department that paves the way for reversing a policy enacted by the Obama administration known as the fiduciary rule.

This rule requires that financial advisers – for example someone making recommendations for your 401K retirement investments – must act in their client's best interest as opposed to, for example, recommending investments with big fees or commissions which benefit the adviser or his or her firm.

If you have a 401K or other retirement account, wouldn't you like to know your financial adviser or firm is giving advice based on your needs and not on the best commissions and fees?

Mr. Trump and the Republican Congress are also making moves to unravel the Dodd-Frank financial reforms enacted after the 2008 recession, including plans to cripple or destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created in 2011 to be a watch dog on banks and the financial industry. The recent Wells Fargo fraud was discovered and brought to light by the CFPB.

These moves, memoranda and executive orders by Mr. Trump and the Republicans are not designed at all to benefit the 99 percent of ordinary Americans; they are a gift to Wall Street and the too-big-to-fail banks.

Thomas Meredith

John Gralenski: Plans for the Welcome Center doesn't make sense

To the editor:
Let's see now, as I recall, the state shut down the Shelburne Information Booth because New Hampshire was broke and couldn't afford the needed rebuild of the septic system, which, for some unexplained reason was going to cost about $400,000. ( I had just looked into redoing the system at my house and the figure was $10,000 to $15,000. I was astonished that the toilet at the information building was going to cost 25 times more. But, hey, that's the government. The Feds paid $750,000 for an outhouse some time back.)
How quickly things change! The other day there was an article in the Sun in which Sen. Woodburn says we need to spend about 1 1/2 to demolish the Shelburne facility and build a new one up in Gorham. And we can do this because we are a wealthy state. (This, after our new Gov. is asking departments to hold the line on expenses because the 100 million surplus that Maggie Hassan bragged about during the campaign, seems to be only wishful thinking.) The Senator also mentioned that the State has already spent $200,000 on a study, because tourism is so important to maintaining our state of wealth.
So the study finds that we need a welcome mat for tourists entering the state. And, instead of putting the welcome mat on the front step—which would be Shelburne—we should move it into the kitchen or the bedroom—which would be Gorham. And we've spent $200,000 already for the study. And for only 1 1/2 million, we can replace the building that we already have, because we're wealthy.
Somehow, this doesn't make much sense.
John Gralenski,

Claire Aubut: Good Samaritan helped a fellow Berliner

To the editor: 

Storm of Tuesday 1/24/2017 

First came a phone call, friend saw on Facebook, Good Samaritan looking to help a fellow Berliner in need of his services (free of charge), to help an elderly disabled person. Storm was due to be a bad one, Jayson P. my sister and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not only plowing out the driveway, but for shoveling out entrance way and sanding and replenishing my sand bucket. May God always give you all you need and help you always. 

My friend always give you all you need and help you always. My friend LuLu S. for the phone call on 1/23/17 and telling me I should call. You also said to me its expensive for you to keep up with driveway and yard work. When I told her I'd think about it, she told me I was foolish if I didn't call him. 

I would also like to thank the people at the Berlin Daily Sun for taking my letters to the editor to print. I am thankful to so so many others, the list would not fit on this page. I respect and admire each one of you! Be it friend, family or an acquaintance, I am honored to know each one of you! This world has become so full of people who are self-centered me, myself and I society. But then again there are the few such as Jayson P, LuLu, etc. etc. They restore my faith in human kind and Gods infinite love for each one of us. 

In closing I would just like to share my belief that it is better to give then to receive. Be kind to one another, treat others as (you) would want to be treated. Help each other whenever possible, even if you feel you have no time to visit, say an aging parent or a sick friend. Pushing beyond endurance to make another persons day, simply a smile on there face, says it all. 

May God who strengthens me bring you together w/family, friends and acquaintances. May your day be filled with much love and peace! God bless each and everyone of us. 

Claire Aubut,