Laura Slitt: A perfect Thanksgiving without turkey!

To the editor:

I just returned from volunteering at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, in High Falls, N.Y., for their annual “ThanksLiving Feast.” Their mission:

“Woodstock Farm Sanctuary envisions a peaceful world rooted in respect and justice for all living beings.

“We rescue farmed animals and give them care and sanctuary, connect animals with people to advance veganism, and advocate for animal rights in alliance with other social justice movements.

“We welcome visitors to come and meet animals who are most commonly exploited, abused and killed in animal agriculture. Our animal residents are given lifelong sanctuary and are treated with respect as individuals. By giving farmed animals the chance to live their lives with dignity and by sharing their stories, we advocate for veganism and aim to reduce suffering for all.”

What an honor to be part of feeding 300 people a plant-based feast!

Our ThanksLiving meal was prepared by renowned gourmet chef, Rachel Kline a self-taught wonder woman, vegan chef extraordinare and founder of Miss Rachel’s Pantry. She gently and professionally oversaw the preparation of everything from several succulent appetizers to a gorgeous butternut soup, to the main courses which included roasted cranberry glazed seitan, black garlic and brown sugar bread stuffing cake, caramelized onion aioli and green bean slaw.

The gluten-free option was pumpkin and rosemary risotto cake, maple-glazed tempeh, black garlic caramelized onion gravy and green bean slaw.

The rescued turkeys joined us before dinner. Many cameras snapped photos of them chowing down the specially crafted fruit pies of pumpkin, berries and apples. Find photos and more on the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary Facebook page.

I’ve learned much in the past decade, about the intelligent capacity of turkeys and other birds. There’s great info at

The bittersweet reality never left us as we remembered the 46 million young birds who are killed for this holiday, making it even more awesome to be around 40 volunteers and staff, all transformed to plant-based eating, mostly strangers, working as a team to set up, prep, serve and clean up a meal at which 300 attended.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary has openings for interns and volunteers for many aspects of the operation. To learn more, go to

Happy ThanksLiving!

Find more plant-based holiday recipes here: and

Giving thanks to all God’s creatures!

Laura Slitt


Joseph F. Dorsett Sr.: We can start today and make a new ending

To the editor:

Our country has a high rate of retirees, most of them considering relocating from the homes and neighborhoods where they spent most of their life and raised their children.

It is difficult to accept and a very emotional time in one’s life.

You can’t start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

One day during a conversation with a friend, she told me her mother and father were building a new house. My friend was in her 50s. I said, that’s crazy, your folks must be in there 70s by now. Why would they take on such a project at that age?

Many years went by until the day arrived my wife and I were about to retire and we were in our early 70s.

I could not help but think of that day my friend told me about her parents building a new house at 70.

After much thought, I realized why they were moving forward. They were looking for a purpose.

I believe if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.

Elderly people have to give up enough, but you do not have to accept the status quo or move backward; that choice is up to you.

Most elderly people pick the status quo, it’s comfortable.

Being comfortable carries an element of fear. That’s not living; it’s existing.

Don’t let family and friends keep you from making your choice if you want to live life rather than exist.

Do something new, find a purpose.

We must have a purpose to get up in the morning with a good attitude. Finding that purpose is up to you.

God does not want us to be miserable with ourselves and others. That does not mean we cannot pursue happiness, contentment and peace of mind.

I believe life does not allow us much time to enjoy those pursuits while raising children or building a career.

Remember, if happiness, contentment and peace of mind are important to you, get it while you can.

Find a purpose that will move you forward; do not allow the fear of status quo or transience to compel you to move backward.

“Without accepting the fact that everything changes, we cannot find perfect composure. But unfortunately, although it is true, it is difficult for us to accept it. Because we cannot accept the truth of transience.” — Shunryu Suzuki.

Joseph F. Dorsett Sr.



Kelly Ross: Tribute to Reggie Marquis

To the editor:

It has been a month or so, and there is something I can’t shed. We all lose people. I get it. When family and best friends pass, it hurts. Every now and then though, a certain someone passes where your heart falls right to your feet. I have felt that weight on my feet a few times, but I must say, losing Reggie Marquis was one of those moments.

Reggie has a tremendous legacy in the North Country. A great athlete right to the end, a great coach to so many young men back in the day, a great teammate, a bitter opponent and one of the all-time best human beings I have ever known.

Reggie was about nine years older than me, and the best friend of my Uncle Rich, who was, and still is, the older brother I never had. When I was a kid, my Uncle Rich’s buddies became great friends of mine. I was Little League age, and these guys were just out of high school and treated me like their younger brother. There were many, but none like Reggie. He had the kindest soul, incredibly animated, and insanely funny.

As a kid, he was a hero of sorts. He always made a point of talking to me and asking of my interests, as he was truly interested. He wasn’t talking to me just to make believe he cared. He Truly Did! Reggie loved Berlin’s youth, and did whatever he could do to better the kids he had direct contact with. Reggie will always live strong in my heart for many reasons. As friendly as we were as adults, it is how he treated me as a kid that I will never forget.

Certain people stick with certain people. Reggie has always stuck with me like Velcro. Between the old days when I was a kid, the days once I grew up and I got to play softball with him and against him for a few years, and the chance meetings at BHS Tourney games on the road — which was often — seeing Reggie was always a cartoon moment. There was never a doubt. If you saw Reggie’s face, you were guaranteed at least one good belly laugh.

To Shawn and Kevin, a tremendous job with what you did with that beautiful tribute to your Dad at the get together at the T&C. The crowd there that day is a true indication as to how loved Reggie will always be.

Kelly Ross


Shawn Lettre: When are building permits needed?

To the editor:

I am asking the mayor, city council and city manager, to tell me why some people in the city of Berlin don't need a building permit.

The reason I ask is I am getting nowhere with our illustrious building inspector.

My neighbor has erected a garage and another carport on his property with no new construction permit. He did get a demolition permit to remove the old garage on his property. Myself and my folks were told that by the building inspector, and nothing was done about it.

He proceeded to rip the adjoining wall down, while my folks were in Florida for the winter, and put up a new one. I am guessing there was no permit on that either.

After he put the wall up he placed pieces if rebar on my property as if he had it surveyed, which should be done when you are putting a new structure like a garage  to make sure you are not building on someone else's property. But when he never got a permit none of that was checked.

Now his new garage over hangs over onto my property and it dumps all his snow and rain, making my back yard a mess in the winter, and when it rains, a swamp.

When my folks and I asked the building inspector to come out and look at this problem, he eyed the garage and said it looked close to our property but we would have to pay to have it surveyed to be sure.

Why should I have to pay when you’re not doing your job?

I have noticed that the chain link fence that is in between our properties and that has been there for 40-plus years has moved to gain more property for him after my folks had gone to Florida.

He is now putting a new roof on his house and I have not seen the construction permit that is supposed to be visible.

I hope that someone can get to the bottom of this soon because obviously the building inspector doesn't care. I can be reached at my cell number (603) 915-6032 or after 4 p.m. My home number is (603) 215-6679.

Shawn Lettre


Elizabeth Ruediger: Imagine a woman being in this situation

To the editor:

Can one imagine a backlash of women sexually harassing men?

Can one imagine men being offended by an unwanted kiss or a jiggle of the nether region with a slight of hand?

Can one imagine women deploying verbal assaults on male genitalia size and lack of coif as opposed to the constant barrage of comments women receive about breast and butt size and the sum of their outward appearance?

Can one imagine men being held back and looked over based on a analysis of hotness on a scale of one to 10?

Can one imagine the feeling of the hover or the lean-in that many women have felt in their daily professional lives?

Can one imagine women cruising the local shopping mall in an attempt to “cougar out” on underage men?

Can one imagine a woman offering a ride to a young man in an attempt to coax sexual activity while locking the car door as a method of entrapment?

Can one imagine a male inmate being assaulted by a female law enforcement officer while being transported between facilities?

Can one imagine female clergy taking advantage of the purest of relationships with a congregant?

Can one imagine a female practitioner fondling a male patient while sedated?

Can one imagine a woman writing a script in an attempt to steal a kiss from an unsuspecting male counterpart?

Can one imagine a woman being photographed making a funny gesture to grope a man’s genitals while he is asleep?

Can one imagine meeting a female power player in a hotel room and being presented with an open robe and a massage request?

Can one imagine an entertainment industry that sexualizes male actors in the same way the female form has been exposed and exploited (#free the c*ck)?

Can one imagine a world led by a woman who gropes her own son, speculates her ability to date him, enters dressing rooms of young, unsuspecting men for a quick peek and consistently berates men based on their looks?

And finally, can one imagine the first female president receiving oral gratification under her desk in the Oval Office? I think not.

Elizabeth Ruediger