Robert Kruszyna: Our own version of bread and circuses

To the editor:

Now seemed an appropriate time for me to re-read Edward Gibbon’s monumental historical work, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. He ascribed the demise of Imperial Rome to its citizens’ loss of “civic virtue” - to softness, laziness, selfishness. Sound familiar? It took the Romans more than a hundred years to go from Julius Caesar to Nero. It’s taken us only half that to go from Dwight Eisenhower to Donald Trump! And we have our own version of “bread and circuses”: Big Mac’s and Fox television.

Robert Kruszyna

John Gralenski: Comments were not taken lightly

To the editor:

As usual, seems like everything has a dark side. I was so pleased with myself when my grand daughter taught me how to make a comment on Facebook. There I was, scanning down the posts when I came across some pictures of a large protest march in Seattle. They were protesting Pres. Trump, and while they were at it, threw in some feminism, too. My niece and her family live there. I know her and her husband are flag-waving liberals. There were comments under the pictures like, "Today, I am proud of my city."
I don't think very highly of protests. They seem to bring out the mob mentality and, at best, don't seem to accomplish much, but they sure are popular these days. Protests have replaced baseball as the great American pass-time.
Then, after a series of mob pictures, there was one of a single woman waving a placard with the slogan you've seen, about how a woman should be able to do whatever she wants with her body. This is a pro-abortion slogan, and it turns out is also a trap. With my newly learned ability to comment, and my general tendency to be a smart Alec. I wrote a comment, "Is she saying that prostitution should be legal?"
Oh boy. It turns out that the woman was a close friend of my niece, and that she had posted the picture. Next morning my computer was smoking. "How dare you insult someone you don't even know?!" (Heck, those are the easiest kind, I thought to myself.) I didn't think I'd insulted anyone. I just asked how far you wanted to go with this slogan. Still, if I had known it was niece's friend (grand daughter hasn't showed my how to tell who posted the picture.), I wouldn't have said anything.. But it was too late, the trap had been sprung.
So, with the help of modern technology, I can put my foot in my mouth from coast to coast. Sigh — 

John Gralenski


Mario Brodeur-Fossa: Time to rise up, resist and respond

To the editor:

The Shelburne, N.H. Democrats will meet at 6:30 p.m., on Thursday, March 23, at the Town Hall to elect town Democratic officers and delegates to the N.H. Democratic Party State Convention. These officers and delegates have a vote at the annual democratic Party Convention to approve party platform and budget.

If there ever was a time to rise up, resist and respond to the plutocracy inherent in the current Republican Administration, now is that time! There is no cost to attend the caucus and it is open to all members of the public. Any registered Democrat, regardless of past political experience can run for an officer or delegate position.

The fight to put a stop to the annihilation of health care for the non wealthy; environmental and basic human rights initiated by the Republican governmental majority can begin in Shelburne, on March 23, at 6:30 p.m.!

For more information contact. Mario Brodeur-Fossa, Shelburne Village Democratic Caucus by calling (603) 723-7759 or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mario Brodeur-Fossa


Harold Raymond Losier: Veterans are in need of van for medical appointments

To the editor:
In the past four years I wrote two letters asking for help to provide transportation for our Disabled American Veterans. We use to have a van sitting across the street in front of the Berlin DAV on Riverside Drive. If you'll notice we no longer do. I stopped driving because we didn't have a van available fit for the road. On my last visit to the Veteran's Hospital in White River Junction, Vermont I spoke with Mr. Jeff Snow, the Hospital Service Coordinator of the DAV Transportation Network. Mr. Snow informed me that we just don't have a van available to transport our veterans to their doctor's appointments in White River. With all the vehicles we have overflowing the parking lots of the many dealerships we have in this country it is a sad commentary of the regard our country has for its veterans. in conclusion, someone ought to have the heart and care enough to step up to the plate and see that our veterans have transportation to their doctor's appointments in White River. I hope that I don't have to write this letter again.

Harold Raymond Losier

Joseph C. Briggs: Grateful for care received by staff and hospital

To the editor:

Recently both my partner and I ended up in the hospital at the same time. Neither one of us realized how sick we were.

My partner started with not being able to walk. Berlin EMS people did a fantastic job getting him out of the house and down 14 stairs to the ambulance. We will be forever grateful for their kindness and professionalism.

Add to not being able to walk; which finally turned out to be a severe case of gout and arthritis, a very severe case of pnemonia.

My problems started with a fever, cough, and chills that almost: vibrated me off of the sofa. Turned out I had a severe asthma flare up and pneumonia.

I never dreamed that we would both end up sick and in the hospital at the same time.

The main reason for this letter is to thank all the wonderful staff at Androscoggin Valley Hospital. Everyone could not have been kinder. The ladies that registered us, the techs, nurses, and doctors in the ER, the lab people, techs from radiology, the nurses, LNAs, inhalation therapy people, physical therapy people, the doctors up on the floor; even housekeepers and kitchen help: everyone was just wonderful.

To encompass everyone; let's just say that every single AVH employee that we came in contact with could not have been greater.

We are so very grateful that we live so close to such a great facility that employs so very many wonderful, caring people. Thank you all so very much; we will both be forever grateful for all your kindness.

So often we find time to complain and criticize, I think it is time to let people know that there are very caring people right here in our own city.

Joseph C. Briggs

Louis DeSouza, Jr.