Berlin Bowling Center league standing 9/17

Sunday, Sept. 17

2-Person Teams: Top teams — The Man & the Kid 6-2, Power Surges 5-3. High score game — Power Surges 309, We're Good Enough 268. High score series — Power Surges 876, We're Good Enough 789. 

Monday, Sept. 18

2-Person Teams — CN'N, 6-2 and Show-Offs both 6-2. High score game — Show-Offs 394, CN'N 362. High score series — Show-Offs 1,039, CN'N 949. 

Tuesday, Sept. 19

2-Person Teams — Big Scoop Catering 9-3, Fagin's Pub 9-3. High score game — Morency Paving 864, Morency 852. High score series — Morency Paving 2,537, Holy Rollers 2,220. 

Wednesday, Sept. 13

Seniors: Game 1, No Tap winners — Norm Bouchard and Chuck Dodge. Game 2, Predict Your Score winner — Peggy Marcou and Lorraine Martin were within seven pins. Game 3, Splits, 9's, X's. Game winner — Lorraine Martin and Norm Bouchard. Game 4, Poker Bowling winner — Norm Bouchard. 

Wednesday, Sept. 20

Olympians — Patriots and Blaine's Bowlers both 6-0. High score game — Dunkin Donuts 538, Patriots 498. High score series — Dunkin Donuts, 1,450. 

Thursday, Sept. 14

Thursday Early Birds: high series — Alice Gallant 442, Lise Peters 415. High game — Alice Gallant 166, Margaret Frizzell 164. Top teams — Loons 6-2, Wrens Finches 5-3. 

Sept. Sept. 20

Wednesday, Seniors, Game 1, No Tap winners — Norm Bouchard and Pete Gagne. Game 2, Predict your score winners — Chuck Dodge, within three pins. Game 3, Splits, 9's, x's, game winners — Norm Bouchard and Lorraine Martin both 203. Game 4, Poker Bowling winner — Norm Bouchard. 

Sept. 15

Friday Night Coed — Hot Rodders and The Golden Rods both 7-1. High score game — Dave Moore 180 and 179. High score series — Ricky Riendeau 498, Dave Moore 476.


ACT Tour to returns to Speedway 51 for two shows in 2018


GROVETON — After taking a season off, the American Canadian Tour Late Model Series will be returning to Speedway 51 powered by the Autosaver Group for two shows in 2018. Both events will take place on Saturday nights. The last feature was won by “The Outlaw” Eddie McDonald in 2016.

The first event will be held on Saturday, June 2, at 6 p.m., and will be sponsored by Caron Fabrication from Groveton. The event will feature a 151-lap main event for the ACT Tour Late Models, plus the Perras Ace Hardware Tiger Sportsman, Caron Fabrication Street Stocks, Daredevils, and the Wicked Good Vintage Racing Association from the State of Maine.

The second event of the season will be held on Saturday, July 14, and will also feature a 151-lap main event for the ACT Tour Late Models, plus Perras Ace Hardware Tiger Sportsman, Caron Fabrication Street Stocks, Daredevils and the White Mountains Community College Cyclones. JP Sicard Inc. and Kingdom Gravel & Aggregate from Barton, Vermont will be sponsoring the event. Post time is 6 p.m.

For more information on these events and more, go to the track website

Speedway 51, powered by the Autosaver Group, is located at 78 Craggy Road in Groveton.


Winter Blast 100 is Jan. 20

 GROVETON — The 2018 Winter Blast 100 date is set for Jan. 20.

Post-time will be 2 p.m., and a severe weather make-up date has been scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 3, at 2 p.m.

Officials for the race released the rules for the event on Tuesday. This race has no boundaries, as any type of vehicle is allowed. In the past, such units as school buses, hearses, mini-vans, pickup trucks, SUVs and all types of cars have competed for the giant winner’s trophy! There will also be a $100 prize for the best-themed car costume.
There are very few rules for this event, and here they are:

• Absolutely no studded tires, chains or any traction enhancement devices. Absolutely no loading of tires, and only one tire per wheel is allowed. No size constraints.

• No 4-wheel drives or all-wheel drives allowed. On 4-wheel drives, one driveshaft must be removed. On all-wheel drives, either the front or rear must be unhitched.

• School buses, hearses, mini-vans, pickup trucks, bread trucks and all types of cars are allowed. No sanders on school buses allowed. Diesel rigs allowed.

• Regular anti-freeze allowed.

• One passenger allowed in the front seat. Passenger must be at least age 16.

Mandatory safety rules are:

• Driver and passenger must have working seatbelts. Five-point harnesses are suggested but are not mandatory.

• All glass, except for windshield, must be removed.

• All doors must be welded or chained shut.

• All hoods must have a 16-inch hole cut in them.

• All vehicles must have a working fire extinguisher.

• If you have a passenger, you must have a mandatory window net on the passenger side window.

• Everyone must wear approved helmet and gloves. Fire suits are not mandatory but are highly recommended.

• A four-point cage is highly-recommended, but not mandatory. The cage can have a hoop from side-to-side and one leg forward on each side. Absolutely no bars in front of the radiator. No reinforcement of any fenders is allowed. Full cage is accepted.

• Both front doors may have a piece of flat stock 3/16 of an inch thick by 6 inches wide welded to them or 2-inch-by-2-inch share tubing. They may not extend more than 4 inches ahead of the door or behind the door.

• All batteries must remain under the hood.

• Windshield wipers are allowed. Screens may be used instead of windshields.

• Absolutely no alcohol allowed in the pit area or in vehicles. Alco sensors may be used if deemed necessary.

• All costume items must be securely attached either inside or outside of the vehicle.

• Fourteen is the minimum age to compete.

The 2018 purse is $500 for the winner, $250 for runner-up, $100 for third, $75 for fourth and $50 for fifth.

The entry fee for this event is $25. There is also passenger fee of $25 and a pit fee of $20.

General admission for the grandstands will be $12 for adults, $10 for seniors 62 and up, ages 12-16 are just $5, and kids 11-and-under are free.

For more information on this event and others, go to, or call the track hotline at (802) 266-0240.

Speedway 51 is located on Brown Road in Groveton.

If you have any questions on the 2018 Winter Blast 100, contact Dick Therrien at (802) 274-8823 or e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Berlin Recreation and Parks Department offers winter events

BERLIN — Berlin Recreation and Parks Department is offer the following activities this winter:

Berlin Recreation Hockey Developmental: Hockey is up and running but we still have room for you. Berlin Recreation Developmental Hockey is open to any child age 5 to 15 (age 4 if you have had previous experience). Beginner level meets Saturdays and Wednesdays at a cost of $150. Intermediate level meets Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays at a cost of $250. Lessons conducted at Notre Dame Arena. Register at the Berlin Recreation Center on First Avenue.

Gus Rooney Volunteer of the Year: Still time to nominate a deserving Berlin individual who has contributed to the development of youth and youth programs in 2017 and years past. Pick up a nomination form at the Berlin Recreation Center.

Time to Think Snow: Registration is now open for the third to sixth grade ski and snowboard program. This recreation program is in collaboration with Wildcat and the Berlin public schools so students must be in good standing to be allowed to participate. This year the program will go six weeks. An extra week — no extra charge. There is a $100 per person mandatory lesson fee, $50 optional equipment fee due at time of registration. Third grade students must ski; fourth through sixth have the option to ski or snowboard. More details at time of registration. Deadline to register is Tuesday, Dec. 12. Call (603) 752-2010 for more information or visit our First Avenue office to pick up the program booklets.

School Vacation Event — Cosmic Bowling: Cosmic Bowling with pizza, soda and make your own sundae. Berlin Recreation and Berlin Bowling Center offer this school vacation event on Wednesday, Dec. 27 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Any age or ability can join. Register at Berlin Recreation Center, First Avenue, or call Berlin Bowling Center. Fee is only $10 for anyone age 12 and older; $8 for any child under the age of 12. Maximum of 40 so sign up soon.

Jim Couhie's Basketball will begin Jan. 20 for six weeks at $35 per person.

Kindergarten and First Grade will be given basic lessons using modified baskets. Program will be held Saturdays, from 10 to 11:15 a.m. Please pre-register.

Second and Third Grade will have drills and low-key scrimmage games. Program will be held Saturdays, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Even if you already play for a school league, this is a great way to maintain your skill level. Please pre-register.